How To Draw A Mandala and What Is It’s Meaning

The mandala: what is it and what is the meaning of the word?
First to discuss meaning.

Mandalas are in many places. Whether it is a mandala flower or a mandala to color in, or one in everyday objects which you will learn further on. Asking for a mandala definition can be a tricky question to answer. The best place to kick off is by talking through the etymology of the word and its first uses by people.

The term ‘Mandala’ is a Sanskrit term basically meaning circle. If you look deeper into the definition a more profound meaning is ‘an integrated structure organized around a unifying centre’. This is a description more in tune with the mandala you are likely to see in mandala art or that would make sense with what you might imagine mandala tattoos meaning.

most of the initial known occurrences we know of the creation of a mandala by a person is Tibetan Buddhists mandalas. Their word for the Buddhist mandala is ‘kyil-khor’. The Buddhist art of producing mandalas was frequently used to prepare for meditation. The mandala designs they made would represent the reason for the meditation for that day. New points of focus within Every reason for meditation lended itself to a new mandala so that the new mandala could be viewed in meditation as a gateway to that fresh inspiration. The Buddhist mandala was also present in the form of a sand mandala. The Buddhist monks would spend huge amounts of time to create a lovingly made piece of mandala art in the sand and add colour. After the sand mandala was complete they would scatter the sand into a place with water to remove the piece of mandala art to show respect of how life is does not last forever while also passing a blessing into the water and allowing the journey to continue.

How To Draw A Mandala

Well in simple terms you draw a circle with a centre point. You may use a compass or trace around a circular object like a CD or a plate.

Strictly speaking you can place anything inside a circle and refer to it as a mandala. However you are probably interested in how you draw those repeated intricate patterns that we associate with mandalas.

There are some great sites out there that really go into Mandala Art in great detail. Wikipedia has a decent page about this but there are lots of specialist sites that are more practical. So if you want to know how to draw a mandala then you should probably start with a site like